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Keynote and Workshop Speaking

Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention

Professional and Staff Development

Helping You Find Your "Why" (Purpose): Looking at Motivated Ability Patterns

Guilt/Shame-Free Cultural Agility Education and Training

Coaching and Consulting


David used his circumstances to propel him to use his unique upbringing and transformation to impact and uplift the lives of others.



"I'm Still Here!" (Self-Awareness, Taking Action and Staying Resilient)

Thriving in a Changing World: Cultivating Cultural Agility for Success

An Introvert's Hack for Successful Interpersonal Communication (and Helpful Tips for the Rest of Us)

Seeing the S.I.G.Ns as You F.O.R.M. Your Way to Success

Finding Your Purpose: Unlocking Your SuperHero Abilities to Success

Keys to Effective Communication in Life and Work

The Power of Congruency: 

A Sanity Hack in a World of Craziness

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