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David Myles is a sought-after, award-winning international speaker, pastor, college professor, business leader, consultant, and radio co-host.  David is the youngest of three and grew up in an Air Force family in Grand Forks, North Dakota. David struggled with his identity and self-esteem, as a teacher pronounced over him in middle school that he would never become anything, maybe at best, a garbage collector. David also grew up in a family with alcohol abuse, and starting in 4th grade battled chronic seizure disorder, struggled academically, and experienced a failed suicide attempt in his sophomore year of high school.


David was determined to not let those words and his challenges define him.  David transformed into a State and National High School Track & Field Champion, NCII All-American, and seizure-free individual.  An honor student and recipient of The President’s Award in one of the most prestigious seminaries in the world.

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David is the husband to Tammy, and they are the parents of three sons and a daughter. He loves hanging out with them around the table dinner table laughing, enjoying family movie night, family vacations, being outdoors, running and cycling in the nearby forest preserve, musicals and concerts.

As a person of deep faith, David is grateful to have been given a second chance on life to love and impact those around him.


"My life has been impacted by those who spoke to me, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I wouldn’t be the person that I, or even be alive, if it were not for other speakers."




David has written dozens of articles and served as a conference speaker and workshop leader. David is the Co-Host of  “The Monday Afternoon Mix with Myles & Arnold” on FaithTalk Radio. He is the adjunct University and Graduate School Professor, National, and International Keynote Speaker, and honorary Chaplain of the Xenia Police Department.  The City of Xenia (OH) named August 4, "Honorary Chaplain David Myles Day" after him.

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